NJN Water Heater

Affordable energy solution for your home or office


Affordable energy solution for your home or office

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Solar power pack system used to generate electricity for locations where grid power is unavailable or the access of power is very expensive. Power pack systems can also be used in conjunction


The Solar Fencing is scientific Fence and works on Solar Energy with backup facility to run uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days. Solar Fencing can be categorised into two segments


Solar Water Heating System (SHWS) is a popular device that harnesses the solar energy for our needs.The choice of system depends on heat requirement, weather conditions, heat transfer fluid quality,

NJN Express Wheels is a fast growing company working for the alternatives of fossils fuel, which is at the beginning of its end


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Solar power is cheaper than ever before, due to the ongoing technological developments and government financial assistance programs. New products and technologies are taking the market by storm. Efficiency continues to increase the output, while prices drop. These developments clubbed with our expertise, make solar energy an all-around winner.

NJN SOLAR planning and projecting

Thanks to the years of experience in planning photovoltaic or thermal projects of different sizes and types. A systematic approach to quantify and analyze the customer’s requirements and then, projecting a system to fulfill the same.

NJN Express Wheels Maintenance

We offer maintenance and monitoring services for our clients on requests. These services include remote monitoring of the system status along with regular onsite system maintenance based on customer requirements.

NJN SOLAR Efficiency

Our policy of using the above standard components and devices are in direct favor of our customers. Our team keeps on tracking and searching for the advanced, reliable and affordable components in PV & Thermal supply chain, to deliver the most efficient systems.

Why  NJN Express Wheels Express Wheels?

NJN Express Wheels is a fast growing company working for the alternatives of fossils fuel, which is at the beginning of its end. NJN Solar brings the ways and means to utilize the freely available thermal and photovoltaic energy from the sun. NJN Solar has become the junction of providing extremely efficient solar water heating and photovoltaic systems. We are not only marketing solar energy efficient equipments but also providing most economical solution to industrial, commercial and domestic users at minimal cost. Thus, we aim to provide every solution which can be done through solar energy.

Our Vision

Generating Power step by step through Sun Energy.

Our Mission

To create a healthy and Green environment in the Solar industry, by providing customized solar solutions.
Smart transfer to clean & economical energy, thus securing a better environment for all.

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